Top treatment for patients with Neuromuscular Disorders

The term "neuromuscular disorder" broadly describes many processes that affect muscle function, either directly through muscle or indirectly through nerves. In cases such as arthrogryposis, it is difficult to distinguish which is the primary problem. In others such as cerebral palsy or brachial plexus palsy, it is obvious that the nervous system is responsible. 

Many organ systems can be affected in neuromuscular disease, but my emphasis is on treatment of the upper extremity. Surgical techniques may include primary nerve repair, reconstructive tendon transfers, bone osteotomies, or free muscle grafts. However, my first choice is to pursue nonoperative modalities such as injections and selective rehabilitation. 

Each child can present in a unique way. The ultimate purpose of any intervention should be to improve function.

One of my biggest projects to date involves helping to improve upper extremity function in patients with cerebral palsy. This is a multi disciplinary task, and we hope to create an algorithm of care for children from ages 0-adulthood.. . Read more...